Well, life takes us in many directions. My life has taken me down many roads. One road is common to all… I love to serve!

How can I serve you?

Drama Ministry – My wife and I have been doing dramas together for over 5 years now. We have performed for a variety of audiences serving different purposes. Everything from an audience of over 2,000 (outreach) to an intimate group of 20 (discipleship level) and everything in between.

We would love to be used by God to be a blessing to you and your audience. Below are links to some videos of skits we have done. ENJOY!

The Stool Skit (inspired by ontimeblind/ performed by us)

Evangelism Training – I am one of those individuals who has been wired to love a large audience (to speak from a stage). So sharing my faith one-on-one was a struggle. My church went through “The Way of the Master” evangelism training course. Since then, my heart and boldness to do street evangelism grew.

However, I still had a struggle. This has led me to using illusions to not only help me break the ice but to also take someone through the gospel.

The big ?question? is… why illusions? Well illusions serve many purposes.

  • First of all, they are a great way to build rapport with someone and break the ice (which lowers walls). This helps you earn the right to be heard.
  • Secondly, they take the awkwardness out of transitioning into the gospel.
  • Thirdly, illusions are very visual and engaging. Which reaches all types of learners and aids in greater understanding and impact.
  • Lastly, they occupy a persons intelligence while you are able to speak to their conscience. This will save you from those long debates that lead nowhere.

I am available to train you and your group for whatever the occasion may be. Whether it’s a mission trip, street evangelism, or everyday life relationships I would love to serve you!

Speaker – Although my main passion lies in speaking to youth I have spoken to many audiences at a variety of venues. I started speaking in front of audiences in 1999 as a Young Life youth leader. From the very first time, I have been hooked. I feel so alive sharing God’s Word with others!

Here is a quick list to see if I am a right fit for your speaking engagement…

  • Youth groups of all sizes from outreach events to discipleship training.
  • Sunday morning church service
  • Conferences – missions, business, youth, sports, as well as others
  • and much more!

Speaking to you and your group is where I long to be. Don’t deprive me of this blessing!

Illusions – It was only a couple months after first getting interested in illusions that I had the opportunity to perform on stage. What an exciting time that was for me! Since then I have performed a few more times for various occasions.

To be honest I don’t strive to do the Birthday party scene (although I’ve done one) as well as the younger audience (under 13). I enjoy performing most for a more mature audience.

Are you having an event, concert, celebration, anything, that you would like me to entertain you and your guest? Then don’t hesitate to consider me!

Wrestling Instructor – I love this sport! I have competed in almost every sport and keep coming back to wrestling. I have been coaching at both the middle and high school levels since 1999. There is something about watching an athlete finally “get it” and begin to reach their potential. I have been strongly considering stepping into starting a club team or doing small group and even one-on-one coaching.

Just this year I have begun to take the wrestling skills into the world of submission grappling, specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Once a month, I have the pleasure of  teaching a class in the fine art of “take downs”. I will also be instructing in some summer clinics.

Are you a wrestler striving to get better? A submission grappler looking to diversify your skills? How about a gym owner in pursuit of integrating wrestling technique into your class? Whatever your situation is… let’s talk!

Internet/ Marketing Consultation – The internet has become a huge part of our society and has even become critical for some. Anyone can have a website and almost everyone does. The uses of a website are just about endless.

Businesses just a few years ago saw the internet as an expensive “option” and today see it as their main source without which they would fail. However, I am amazed at how many are using it ineffectively. So many businesses hire a programmer to build them a site instead of first hiring a marketing consultant to figure out how and why they should use their site and then outsource the programming. Please don’t assume that just because someone can build you a site, they know how you should be using it.

=> Okay, that’s all for the list for now. If you are interested in having me serve you in anyway please feel free to contact me at jason [at]

Talk to you then!